Are You the Victim of a Crime? You Have Rights!


The New Mexico State Constitution affords crime victims certain rights. If you have been the victim of an enumerated crime, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with fairness & respect for your dignity and privacy.
  • Timely disposition of the case.
  • Be reasonably protected from the accused.
  • Be notified of court proceedings.
  • Attend all public court proceedings.
  • Confer with the prosecution.
  • Right to restitution.
  • Make a statement to the court at sentencing and any post-sentencing hearings.
  • Information about the conviction, sentencing, imprisonment, escape or release of the accused.
  • Have the prosecutor notify employer (at your request) of your need to be absent from work to attend court matters.
  • Have property returned.
  • Be informed by the court of any good time the offender may be eligible for.
  • Be informed of medical & crisis intervention services.
  • Be provided by the law enforcement agency the name of the District Attorney, their phone number and address.

Although these rights are provided for in the New Mexico Constitution, many times it is up to you, the crime victim, to pursue and assert them.  Know your rights. Read the law:

New Mexico Constitution

NM Statutes

Victim Restitution