The Center is able to offer customized analysis to fit your needs and is available to provide assistance in the data analysis and application. 

Please CONTACT US to discuss your data needs. Note, there is a fee charged.

Examples of analysis you can request:

  •  Worst DWI offenders in a specific period and/or area, such as;
    • High BAC’s,
    • Most DWI arrests,
    • most Convictions,
    • Most Acquittals,
    • Most refusals,
    • Most arrests from Crashes,
    • Youngest, Oldest,
    • Longest Drinking Careers
  •  Worst drivers in a specified period and/or area such as;
    • Most crashes,
    • most alcohol-related crashes,
    • most injury crashes and
    • most at-fault crashes
  •  Highest crash locations in a specified period and/or area such as;
    • Most crashes,
    • Most alcohol-related crashes,
    • Most hit-and-run crashes,
    • Most pedestrian crashes,
    • Most speeding crashes,
    • Most red-light-running crashes,
    • Highest volume crashes per traffic volume
  •  Court performance in a specified period/or area, such as;
    • Highest/lowest convictions rates,
    • Longest time to disposition,
    • Repeat offender cases in limited jurisdiction courts,
    • Highest guilty plea rates,
    • Most jail time/fines,
    • Court compliance with mandatory minimum sentencing for DWI repeat offenders,
    • Drivers with DWI arrests or crashes while waiting for court action,
    • Court actions on DWI arrests while a prior DWI arrest is pending,
    • Variations in court delays and outcomes depending on attorney representation,
    • Drivers with most DWI arrests that lack court dispositions,
    • Courts with the most DWI arrests that lack court dispositions,
    • Recidivism rate variations by court, disposition, and sentencing provisions.
  •  State DWI citation processing issues, such as;
    • Drivers with crashes or repeat arrests during revocation periods,
    • Drivers whose citations vanish from state records,
    • DWI citations nullified after issuance without court action,
    • Drivers with crashes or repeat arrests while awaiting license hearings,
    • Variations in hearing results depending on attorney representation.
  •  Issue studies at particular locations or areas, such as;
    • Before/after analysis for law or policy changes,
    • Before/after analysis for construction,
    • Before/after analysis for business opening/closing,
    • Comparison to other similar areas,
    • Long term trend analysis


The DWI Resource Center has a database containing details on every police reported crash in New Mexico from 1986 through 2013, and a database for every DWI arrest from July 1984 through December 2014. The Center has a complete understanding of the contents, form and quirks of this massive important data and the expertise to analyze and present the data in any way desired. Data can be presented as tables, graphs and maps.

The Center is always careful to ensure the privacy of protected individual information. Within that framework, the Center has unlimited abilities to collaborate with others on any type of research study of interest, in service to its mission to promote understanding of the DWI prevention systems and to reduce DWI death and injury.