What is the Data Explorer?

Information about DWI in your community should shape what you do, and what you communicate to others.  Much information is available from state and federal sources about your community and its health and safety issues and opportunities, but it is not always easy to find that data, and not always easy to understand what it means, once you get it.

To help New Mexico communities with these challenges, the DWI Resource Center offers a tool that seeks to let you put DWI information into its context of community, issues, opportunities, trends, people, and money.  The DWI Data Explorer is that tool.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Open it with Internet Explorer, using the address below.
  • Indicate your County.
  • Click the links you see, to fill in the blanks, in a thoughtful way, viewing as you go your county’s data in context with the narrative and in relation to other counties.
  • Make judgments where called for, based on the data.
  • When you are done, press Print View at the bottom, to see your own results in a form you can print or copy into a word processor for further use.

What can you do with the result?

  • Think about what it tells you.
  • Ask more questions, and get the answers from the DWI Resource Center, the Traffic Safety Bureau, UNM’s Division of Government Research, or any of many other sources.
  • Share the results with others interested in DWI.
  • Use your conclusions to shape policy for the future.
  • Communicate with news media about the results.
  • Encourage local schools and groups to experiment with the same process, so they also learn about the issues.
  • Tell the DWI Resource Center and State leaders what more they should do to get better information to you.

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