The DWI Resource Center

The DWI Resource Center, Inc. was formed to reduce the social and economic impact of impaired driving in New Mexico through education, public awareness, prevention, and research. The Center serves as a central clearinghouse of DWI information and issues, providing community leaders with statistical information and analysis to assist them in creating localized plans to reduce DWI death and injury in New Mexico.

The Center also provides assistance to victims of violent crime by educating them about their Constitutional rights in the criminal justice system. The Center’s  Victims’ Rights Project, in years past had offered legal advocacy services, and provided training and will do so again when funding becomes available.

Founded in 1993, the DWI Resource Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt, non-profit New Mexico organization supported primarily through the generosity of private contributions from community members in the areas we serve. The Center has spent over two decades, developing a multifaceted approach to reduce impaired driving. The Center collaborates with treatment providers, youth organizations, businesses, community task forces, elected officials, courts, government agencies and the media to increase public awareness, develop prevention and training programs, and provide related educational materials.