The DWI Resource Center provides a statewide campaign to reduce DWI death and injury through an Alcohol & Drug-Free Workplace Program. In addition to saving your business money, participating in this program can also help promote your business! LEARN HOW!

DWI continues to be a pressing social issue in New Mexico. In 2015, impaired drivers killed 122 people, seriously injured over 1,000 people and cost citizens just under $1 billion dollars. Although we tend to think of alcohol and drug users as unemployed or indigent, in fact 75-80 percent of all people who abuse alcohol and drugs are employed full time. If you are a small business owner, statistics show that one out of every ten of your workers is a heavy drinker or illicit drug user, and one in six is both. Learn how you can save your business money, and help reduce DWI death and injury!


The Cost

What does employee alcohol and drug abuse cost your business?
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The Benefits

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The Solution

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