Active participation in government and policy making is an important step in reducing DWI death and injury in New Mexico.To assist you in taking local action in your community, the DWI Resource Center has assembled a list of state agencies and organizations responsible for DWI law enforcement and public policy.

    • Governor’s Office –  The Governor’s Office supports a variety of DWI policy initiatives, and works closely with legislators and state agencies to reduce DWI death and injury.


    • NM State Legislature – The New Mexico State Legislature is responsible for passing or amending impaired driving laws. To find your state legislator, click here.




  • Dept. of Regulation & Licensing, Alcohol & Gaming Division – The Alcohol and Gaming Division administers the licensing provisions of the New Mexico Liquor Control Act. The Special Investigations Division of the Department of Public Safety administers the enforcement provisions of the Liquor Control Act. If you would like to file a complaint about a local alcohol retailer in your area, please fill out RLD’s complaint form (PDF).

Ensuring Accountable Government

Access to government information is one of the most important tools citizens have to monitor government activity and contribute to policy decisions. Below are several links to important information about your rights to request and access government information.