DWI Task Force

The DWI Resource Center is initiating a DWI task force to review the current status of drunk driving. The task force will be looking at the DWI arrest and crash data and perform cost benefit analysis (how many deaths and injuries prevented) of the $45 million allocated annually for DWI efforts.

It will be a six month effort to identify what’s working and what isn’t and create a plan of action to be pursued, which will include holding community-wide meetings. The task force will provide their findings and the actions every driver can take to make our roads safer.


Annually, New Mexico allocates over $45 million for DWI activities such as DWI checkpoints, saturation patrols, offender treatment and monitoring, prevention programs, safe rides and record keeping. Arrests are at an all-time low and the crashes are increasing. The death rate remains high and there are many things that can be done to take back our streets.

This task force will provide guidance on what the courts, elected officials, state agencies, law enforcement and citizens can do to reduce and prevent the carnage on our roads.

This is an all volunteer group, all donations to support our efforts are very much appreciated… and tax deductible.

About the Center

The DWI Resource Center is a non-profit (501(C) 3) New Mexico organization formed in 1992 to reduce the social and economic impact of DWI through public awareness, education, prevention and research. The Center also provides assistance to victims and serves as a central clearinghouse of information on DWI and Victim’s Rights.

The first meeting for this task force is scheduled for December 11, 2015.


For more information please contact the Center:

Linda Atkinson, Executive Director

Phone: 505-881-1084

Email: Latkinson@dwirc.org

Website: www.dwiresourcecenter.org