alliancelogoTo join the DWI Business Alliance, call (505) 881-1084 today!

The DWI Business Alliance is an association of employers dedicated to reducing impaired driving in New Mexico through:

  • Providing employees with a safe, drug- and alcohol-free work environment;
  • Encouraging individuals with substance abuse problems to seek help and return to work as productive members of the workforce;
  • Participating in employee and supervisor training and education programs on workplace substance abuse;
  • Working in partnership with community organizations on targeted DWI campaigns;
  • Promoting responsible off-the-job social behavior among employees through designated driver or safe-ride home programs.
  • Why Join the Alliance?

    Reducing drunk driving is not solely the job of police. Effective strategies require the cooperation of law enforcement, courts, elected officials, community activists, alcohol retailers, and local businesses. Reducing DWI is a community effort.

    To reduce DWI, our community must begin addressing environmental concerns which can inadvertently support impaired driving.

    Research indicates that training, education and Drug-Free Workplace policies can significantly influence employee’s drinking behavior both at work and beyond the workplace.

    Benefits of Joining

    Joining the DWI Business Alliance helps promote your company as a socially responsible business and tells your customers that your company is actively addressing one of Albuquerque’s most important social issues.

    Employers have a substantial economic interest in reducing DWI. In New Mexico, the employer’s cost for on- and off-the-job alcohol-involved motor vehicle crashes is more than $79 million annually. Reducing DWI and promoting a drug-free workplace can improve your bottom line through:

    • Access to cost savings and incentive programs offered by medical, health, property, casualty, and liability insurance carriers;
    • Reduced costs of insurance and Workers’ Compensation claims due to fewer accidents and disciplinary actions;
    • Reduced costs due to lost productivity, errors, absenteeism, theft and fraud;
    • Decreased risk that individuals abusing drugs/alcohol will apply for a job or be hired;
    • Decreased legal costs and costs of hiring/training new employees.

    To join the DWI Business Alliance, call (505) 881-1084 today!